Invincibles Ale
Style: Pale Ale; ABV: 3.7%;
Current Availability: 9 gal casks available, 500ml bottles available
Description: Invincibles Ale is a light Golden Ale, using Maris Otter and Cara malts, with Northern Brewer and Amarillo Hops. This Celebration Ale of the unbeaten winners of the first ever league cup is the perfect match day pint! Check out the accompanying book at

Hoppy Fettler
Style: Pale Ale; ABV: 4.3%;
Current Availability: 9 gal casks available, 500ml bottles available
Description: Hoppy Fettler is a refreshingly hoppy pale ale, packed with tropical hops from around the globe. The combination of exotic hops is balanced against a moreish malt backdrop. This is a session ale fettled to stand the test of time!

Eagle Towers
Style: Golden Ale; ABV: 3.6%;
Current Availability: Exclusively Approved Outlets
Description: Eagle Towers was brewed specially for Stonyhurst College to celebrate their 425th Anniversary. This Premium Ale uses the finest english malts & hops, along with pioneering brewing techniques, for a beer thats perched proudly at the top of its class!

Blonde Summit
Style: Blonde; ABV: 4%;
Current Availability: Out of Stock
Description: Blonde Summit is our signature Blonde Ale. Brewed using the finest Maris Otter Malts and Summit Hops, Blonde Summit is a refreshingly moreish drop.

Single Hop
Style: IPA; ABV: 4.3%;
Current Availability: Pre Orders Taken
Description: Single Hop is a session IPA showcasing a single hop selection. Each run has limited availability so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this juicy number.

Push Iron
Style: Golden Ale; ABV: 4.5%;
Current Availability: Out of Stock
Description: Push Iron is our take on a Classic English Golden Ale with a modern twist. Maris Otter, crystal malt, & classic english hops provide the backbone. The beer is then dry hopped using a variety of modern hop breeds from around the world.

Pikestone IPA
Style: IPA; ABV: 5.5%;
Current Availability: Out of Stock
Description: Pikestone is a globetrotting IPA fusing a plethora of new world hops. Named after the oldest manmade structure in Lancashire, this landmark of an Ale uses a premium malt bill, paired with a range of exotic hops.

Tin Basher
Style: Ruby Ale; ABV: 4.7%;
Current Availability: Out of Stock
Description: Tin Basher is a mighty Ruby Ale forged with the finest malts and hops. Fresh vanilla, honey and spice are also thrown into the mix to create a substantially tasty treat of a pint!


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