Party Keg


Our New Party Kegs are perfect for a temporary bar setup where space is limited and kegs need to be transported easily.

These kegs hold around 40 pints, and we are currently offering a pound a pint introductory offer.

Tips for dispensing:

  • Try to keep the keg in a cold location when not in use, storing at warmer locations will add foam and affect flavour
  • When the gas cartridge has run out and no beer is flowing, pull up on the collar of the grey quick disconnect from the keg, prior to changing the CO2 cartridge, once a new cartridge is screwed in, reconnect the grey disconnect by pushing back on until it clicks into place. (a full keg will usually need around 4 cartridges)
  • When all beer has been dispensed please return equipment to the brewery as soon as possible so that we can clean the kegs/lines and refill.


  • This system is designed to be a temporary dispense system, to trial kegs and/or use when on location. We can provide the first 5 CO2 cartridges but subsequent ones will need to be sourced, which are available on ebay (search 16g CO2 cartridge). If a longer term solution is required, or you wish to have a regular resupply, we recommend obtaining a larger co2 bottle and a regulator. We can also help build custom kegerator’s, meaning the beer is kept at a constant temp and the co2 will last for multiple kegs at a time.
  • Failure to return the kegs and lines (within 6 months) will result in a £100 bill to the client, provided a deposit has not already been placed.

We can also offer a range of tailor made solutions for home bars/cafes/restaurants.

If you have any queries please contact us at